Sion Hills

SION HILLS is a Church of believers, established in Seethanagaram of Guntur District on 15th August 2000 by Bro. Hosanna. Before establishment of SION HILLS, Bro. Hosanna performed silent prayer for 3months 15 days as commanded by the creator of this world our father GOD. Silent Prayer is spiritually closing the door to any influence from the world. During this period of silence, it is possible to tune into GOD and GOD will direct the soul.

Since, Sithanagaram is very close to river Krishna, it has got a pleasant atmosphere to worship GOD. And also, as the SION HILLS was constructed on a mountain, the green pasture of the mountain adds pleasant presence to the Church. Members of this church and visitors of this church are experiencing the art of meditation in presence of Holy Spirit. Meditation is a practice to concentrate the soul on the Lord. In another words, meditation is like emptying the mind with human thoughts and concentrating on GOD in spirit.

Bro. Hosanna visits SION HILLS Church on every first Tuesday of the month and conducts worship service. Every Sunday worship service is lead by the pastors anointed by Lord of Hosts. SION Celebrations will be held from Aug 15 to Aug 17 every year. Believers from different parts of the state were participating and receiving the blessings of the Lord in abundance. Since the Lord of Lord has planned and established SION HILLS, many miracles have been happened by the power of the Holy. God has delivered many souls from the bonding of Sin, deliverance from the devil spirits and many more… At SION HILLS, GOD has passionate in extending his blessings and anointing those who worship in truth and spirit. We welcome you to SION HILL in the name of our Rock, our Fortress and our Deliverer Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Highlights of SION HILLS:
  • Spirit full Worship Every Sunday from 10AM to 1PM
  • Foundation Class for Children Every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM
  • Silent Prayer in Presence of HOLY Every Tuesday from 11AM to 2PM
  • Fruitful Fasting Prayer Every Friday from 11AM to 3PM
  • SION Celebrations every year from August 15 to August 17

Route Map: