Deliverance from the Devil Spirits

I am Rajani from Eluru, West Godavari District, AP. My father is Sri. N Jeevaratnam and my mother Smt. Mary working as Staff nurse. In 1996, when I was 15years old, I had suffered from joint pains for more than six months. It was very difficult even to stand on my legs. And also, nerves around my neck were very painful. I even could not able to turn my head from one position to another. Due to this pain, having food and drinking water was big problem for me. In addition to pain, always suffered high fever and bleeding from nose. It was hard to sleep for one hour per day. As my mother is from medical background, we went to many private and corporate hospitals but of no use. I underwent many medical tests but there was no clear cause for my problem. One doctor said, it looks like bone TB, and another said it is due to neurological disorder. All of my relatives and even my parents were lost hope on me. Even doctors declared that I may not live longer.

One of my mother colleagues suggested visiting Jerusalem of Heaven Prayer House and requesting Bro. Hosanna to pray for good health. As we have some Christianity background, we do believe in Christ Jesus. One Sunday we went to church and explained my problem to Bro. Hosanna and requested him to pray for my health. He replied that he will plan to visit our home and pray. One fine day, he visited our home and prayed for my health. Also, he told me that I was excruciating by devil spirit and he prayed for the deliverance. He did not accept our offering, he just had some water. That was the first time for the last six months, I slept whole night. But still I was very weak. My parents decided to admit in Hospital. Bro. Hosanna suggested my parents not to admit in hospital as it was due to demon power. But my parents neglected him and admitted in hospital. I underwent a surgery on my neck and small portion was sent for biopsy. I discharged from hospital but there was no improvement in my health condition. Soon after returning home, the portion of my neck where doctors operated, started opening slowly and we are able to see inside bone. We went back to hospital and doctors stitched the place. But again it was getting open. Many times we saw doctors but the wound is not getting healed, and opening continuously. Bro. Hosanna again visited out home, and commanded not to go hospital again. He prayed with tears and prophesied, “For the God’s glory, from this day onwards, the wound will be closed in 15 days”. The wound was not closed till 14th day. Before going to bed, I watched wound using mirror. I thought, there is no sign for the last fourteen days to close the wound, it is impossible to close in a single night? Next morning, from the bed itself, I watched my wound in the mirror. Its un-believable. I did not believe my eyes. Surprisingly, the wound was closed completely. Bro. Hosanna, visited on the 15th day and again prophesied, “From this day onwards you will day by day you will develop health”. On that day, my weight was 30Kgs. By next day, I developed to 35Kgs. I started feeling hungry and I was able to take some light food. Day by day, I developed well and returned to normal health. I received Christ as my savior and I surrender my life to Jesus.

It is the power of Jesus Christ healed me, not the medical science. Lord has delivered me from the evil spirits and blessed with Holy. Now I am healthy and got married recently. May the Holy Spirit work upon who read my testimony for his glory - Amen