House of Heavenly Father

Jerusalem is a small village of Israel, unknown to many nations before the birth of JESUS. The creator is so passionate in choosing a very small village to send his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST. After birth of JESUS, many biblical preachers tried to find out the reason behind choosing the small village as the Lord is the creator of the universe.

Parama Pitha Nilayam(House of Heavenly Father) was established on 8th April 2008 by Bro. Hosanna in a small village named Gollapalem of Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. Before establishment of Parama Pitha Nilayam(House of Heavenly Father), Bro. Hosanna performed silent prayer for 3months 15 days as commanded by the creator of this world our father GOD. Silent prayer is “Time of silence before GOD”. Silent prayer is a conversation – not a one-way conversation. Silent prayer is a time for deep personal and intimate communication with GOD. In simple words, Silent prayer is “Do not talk, only Listen to GOD”.

Gollapalem is a very small village near by the Bay of Bengal, and as the Parama Pitha Nilayam(House of Heavenly Father) was constructed in a Mango garden, it has got a peaceful atmosphere. Though it was established in 2008, it was developed rapidly not by the human power but by the Power of Almighty, as the Master was behind the establishment. The people of this village were very happy in worshiping GOD, as the Temple of GOD is available in their own village. Many souls has been delivered by the Holy Spirit and blessed by the Savior. Though we, the members of this church are financially poor, GOD made them Richest in his eternal kingdom. Happiness in GOD, Peace in Life, and Treasure in Heaven are the most important blessings received by the members of this church from the House of Father GOD.

Bro. Hosanna visits Parama Pitha Nilayam(House of Heavenly Father) once in every month and conducts worship service. Every Sunday worship service is lead by the pastors anointed by Lord of Blessings. Believers from nearby villages are participating in the worship service and receiving the blessings of the Lord in abundance. In the Highest name who can give Salvation to the soul and Healing to the Body, we are welcoming you to worship Lord of hosts in truth and spirit.

Highlights of Parama Pitha Nilayam(House of Heavenly Father):
  • Spirit full Worship Every Sunday from 10AM to 1PM
  • Foundation Class for Children Every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM
  • Healing Fasting Prayer Every Friday from 11AM to 3PM

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