Jerusalem Of Heaven

Jesus born in a small village called Bethlehem and the Angel of the Lord was appeared to the shepherds bringing the good tidings. According to the Gospel of Luke in New Testament, JESUS was born in a Manger, which resembles that he came to this world in poverty. Birth of Jesus emphasis that the Lord Jesus has come to seek and save which was lost.

April 4, 1995, God established the Jerusalem of Heaven in a very backward area of Bhimavaram town in west Godavari district, with just three people. At Jerusalem of Heaven- Master our Lord is delivering the souls from the bondage of sin, as it is impossible for men to save a soul. Since it is lead by the Almighty, it’s developed in a short span of time. Many souls are redeemed from the devil spirits and transformed to the temple of Holy by the marvelous power of the Holy Spirit. Sunday worship is headed by the Holy Spirit, and the believers are experiencing the presence of Holy.

Lord has established a new covenant throne of GOD in Jerusalem of Heaven, resembles his plan towards anointing Jerusalem of Heaven as head to the nations. Jerusalem of Heaven has dedicated 7 members prayer team who prays continuously for the needs of our family of Jerusalem of Heaven.

Jerusalem of Heaven Highlights:
  • Powerful worship Every Sunday with Holy communion service on 10AM to 1PM
  • Sunday school for the young children for the strong foundation 9AM to 10AM
  • Peaceful Silent prayer Every Tuesday 8AM to 4PM
  • Fasting Prayer Every Friday 11AM to 4PM
  • All night Prayer every second Saturday
  • 7days Fasting prayer followed by Love feast for three times in year
  • Anointing Festival three times a year
  • Baptism Ceremonies three times a year
  • Grand Christmas Parade on 24th December every Year
  • Special Youth Christmas Celebrations

Route Map: