Dear viewer of this Heaven Light Ministries website, greetings in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am neither a great man nor an important person of this world. But, I am just trying to explain you about the great compassion of JESUS in my life. I am writing my testimony from the bottom of my heart to glorify GOD, not to hurt anyone.

My name is B. Rambabu. I was born in nidammaru village of Kruthi vennu Mandal in Krishna District. I spent my childhood as a herdsman. Though I was a herdsman, I have not had any bad habits before my marriage. I have got married when I was at 33 years old.

Due to very small family problems, I became slave for Drinking. This was the start point of my life's destruction. Not only this, my life became the house of adultery. I have committed sin like no one before. I feel, I am the worst sinner of this world. I cannot write more than this...hopes you can understand my feeling. Do not know the reason, but I was always against Christianity from my childhood days. I have worked hard against Christianity by criticizing pastors, disturbing their meetings and I had given warnings to many preachers. As my life is completely filled with sin, I was affected by an unknown disease. I went to many hospitals and saw many doctors, but no one identified the disease that I am suffering from. After sometime, due to failure of my nerves system, I had not ability to move my hands and my legs. I was completely on the bed and no one was there to help me. I got confidant that I will die soon and started counting my days. On a Good day, one lady brought me to Bro. Hosanna and requested to pray for my health. That was the time "when Bro. Hosanna put his hand on my head, great light had fell down on me and I noticed a movement in my nerves system. I have recovered in a short span of time and GOD has healed my body. On 18th December 1995, GOD has filled me with his presence; he has delivered me from my sin and iniquity, anointed with the power of resurrection and commanded me to work for the Lord who has healed my wounds. By that time, I had a credit of around 14lacs; around 6 cases were registered in police station on my name. When I started working for GOD, GOD has started working for me. HE has delivered me from my credit situation and blessed me with his manna. Not only that, Lord helped me to strike off all the cases. Now, I am rejoicing with my family in presence of holy. And also I am very happy to say that my daughters were got married.

My dear reader, Yes, I do have the same feeling what you have in your mind. I know, based on my past sinful life, I am not eligible to work for the Almighty. But when I turn onto him, Lord as forgiven all my sin and he had a great compassion on me. He sent his only begotten son to this world to deliver many souls like me who are bound with the demons and sinful nature. He will never ignore those who turned towards the Master of deliverer.

For the last 18 years, GOD has given me the ability to work for him. Currently I am an evangelist in Jerusalem of Heaven and a co-worker to Bro. Hosanna. I proclaim all the glory to my deliverer, my redeemer and my savior. May GOD save many souls for his glory. AMEN