Dear viewer, it is my pleasure to share my testimony through this website, and I am thankful to the Lord Almighty who has transformed my life from the darkness to the Light of Eternity.

My name is Namratha, before the Father of Heaven came into my life, I was in deep darkness. Once the Lord taken up my life into his hands, my life has turned from darkness to the Light of holiness. That was the year 1999, the turning point of my life. Bro. Hosanna, who is the master in proclaiming the word of God, came to our home during his personal trip to Hyderabad. In 2001, I was studying Intermediate and I am not a cleaver student of my class. I had suffered a lot from my sickness, and I did not find any way to come out of the depression of my studies as well as my health condition. Once upon a time, I took a decision to end my life by committing suicide as it’s almost became impossible to bear the physical and mental challenges.

On a fine day, Bro. Hosanna prayed for me and prophesized on me like “Pray to GOD, and GOD will deliver you from the evil thoughts and bless you and your family”. My parents were shocked on hearing these words about me. By hearing these words from the servant of GOD, I started praying GOD in tears. In a short span of time, GOD has transformed my life. GOD has given me the ability to complete my graduation with good percentage. Every Wednesday, during his monthly visit to “Temple of Christ Visit” Bro. Hosanna used to visit our home. One Wednesday, God has told me through Bro. Hosanna, that I will be getting a good job very soon. My family members and even I did not believe this word, as it is impossible to get a good job with just graduation in commerce. As per the word of God, I have joined in a small company, where the salary is less and the work is more. I have decided to submit my resignation to the company as it is not fruitful. Again, Bro. Hosanna prayed for me, and by knowing my situation, God spoken to me that I will be getting Job in a reputed company. On 5th October 2007, as per the word of God, I got an offer from a reputed company. My heart was rejoiced and I have joined in that company. Just after six months of time, even many experienced and seniors were ahead of me in the list, I have got promoted. My salary has grown to Rs.24000 from the starting salary of Rs.4000. I believe, it is not my knowledge, but it is the power of “Word of God”. On these fruitful days, my parents were searching for the matches, but all are getting fail due to some reasons.

Under these circumstances, my parents had this mental anguish over their inability. When we requested Bro. Hosanna to pray in the year 2009, God has given his word that my life partner is in Hyderabad. By receiving these words from God, my parents were started searching all parts of Hyderabad. It was the year 2012; my parents were still searching in Hyderabad by believing the word of God, they could able to find my better half in Hyderabad. It was on Feb 2nd 2012, first time we met my husband’s family and engaged on Feb 19th 2012 in presence of Pastors and elders of our family. I still can hear the voice of my hubby on that day; he said “I will be joining your family not as a son-in-law but as a son”. I am thankful to my savior, my redeemer and my refuge for his blessings in abundance.

April 11th, 2012 was the memorable occasion of my marriage with Suresh, and all went well in presence of pastors, elders and well wishers. We had reached the borders of happiness, and as per our wish, the wedding quietly solemnized by Bro. Hosanna at “Temple of Christ Visit”. I am thankful to all who prayed for my marriage.

Though I am a sinner, when I turned onto my savior with prayer, Lord has answered my prayer and poured his blessings on me and my family. None of the God words from Bro. Hosanna fallen to the ground. We proclaim all the glory to the Lord of Lord. We’d like to express our gratitude for his prayer, guidance and encouragement to Bro. Hosanna. God Bless You!!!