About Bro. Hosanna (Founder)

Karimsetti Sri Rama Murthy was born in a middle class family on 15th August 1952 in a small village Called Gollapalem close to Bhimavaram town of West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India. His Father Mr. Appa Rao was a cultivator and also a local politician. Mother Subadramma was house wife.

Sri Rama Murthy was grown up in a joint family of Hindu religion where religious principles play a major role. Due to lack of interest on education he could complete till SSC only and he was more interested in business.

On 13th June 1979, he was married Ranganayaki and soon after marriage he moved to the nearest town of Bhimavaram and started retail business. He was blessed with son and named him as Srinivas. Though he is not interested to get admission for his son in St. Mary’s school, run by Christian missionaries, un-intentionally joined his son in the same School as in those days there was no other option for him in order to have a strong foundation in education.

During this happy phase of his life, he received a setback from his business partners as they took over all the business from him. All of sudden he lost everything and struggling to feed his family. Even some days he was worked hard in order to arrange food for his family. With the advice from his neighbor, he started going to Church but he was absolutely not interested in GOD.

One day, GOD appeared in dream and said to him- “You are my beloved son, your name in heaven is Hosanna, I had forgiven all your iniquities, I had saved your soul and from this moment you should become servant of mine”. Sri Rama Murthy laughed himself – Why GOD is looking towards an abandoned whereas there were many intelligent, professional, financially strong people in this world. He refused the GOD’s word, as he doesn’t have any knowledge about Christianity, moreover he does not have any eligibility to become servant for GOD as he was from a Hindu family. As he did not obey to GOD’s word, GOD smote him in poverty. He lost everything and struggled for the food and shelter. Again GOD appeared before Sri Rama Murthy and commanded him to serve for the Almighty. This evocation has changed his life. This time he has no courage to refuge the command as there was no other option, and decided to surrender his life before the Almighty. God has set the following principles and accepted his life.

  • Should not take any food other than fruits and fruit juices.
  • Should not take any medicine
  • Should not have any Bank Account on his name
  • Should not own any property
  • Should sleep only on the floor
  • Should meditate GOD most of the time

In May1995, according to the instructions received from GOD, with 21days of complete fasting in a closed room, GOD has anointed with his Holy Spirit and transformed Sri Rama Murthy into Bro. Hosanna and poured his super natural blessings.

On 4th April 1995, GOD has started “Jerusalem of Heaven Prayer House” through Bro. Hosanna with just three people. By God’s grace it was developed into four temples in different places of Andhra Pradesh with twenty two Servants of God, Four hundred anointers and many thousands of believers.

From the last eighteen years of journey in GOD’s way, Bro. Hosanna serves GOD with reverence, humility and knowledge of the Holy. As commanded by GOD, Bro. Hosanna is still living with only fruits and fruit juices. Bro. Hosanna loves meditating GOD, and he is always maintains direct relation with GOD.

GOD has poured his promises on Heaven Light Ministries and Bro. Hosanna is continuously offering supplications at Lord’s foot and praising as GOD is turning his promises one by one into reality. Let GOD bless with his mighty power and stand for his will and let GOD build Jerusalem of Heaven through Bro. Hosanna. AMEN.