Temple of Christ Visit

Christhu Darsana Aalayam(Temple of Christ Visit) is a Church of believers, established in Moulali, Secunderabad on 18th June 2004 by Bro. Hosanna. Before establishment of Temple of Christ, Bro. Hosanna performed silent prayer for 3months 15 days as commanded by the creator of this world our father GOD. Temple of Christ Visit is about 10KM away from the city of Secunderabad. Though this temple of Christ is very close to the city, it has got a pleasant atmosphere as it was constructed on the small mountain.

From the date of its establishment, Lord is working at this temple in delivering the people from their sufferings, worries and sorrows. Many souls were added to the family of Christ and blessed in abundance. Temple of Christ Church has dedicated seven members prayer team, who always maintain a very close relation with GOD, and prays for the needs of the church and the needs of the church members.

Bro. Hosanna visits Temple of Christ Visit Church on every first Wednesday of the month and conducts worship service. Believers from the surrounding places are joining in worship service and receiving the blessings in eternity. For the last 5years, on every first Wednesday, church members celebrates feast of love. People from various places will participate in lunch and receives the healing to the body and spiritual strength to the soul. Every Sunday worship service is lead by the pastors anointed by Lord of Hosts. “Temple of Christ Visit” Celebrates the birthday of Bro. Hosanna on 7th Aug every year followed by the revival meetings for two days. And in view of helping the needy and sick people, this Church arranges medical camp and blood donation camp in glorifying the highest name of Lord Jesus Christ.

God so loved the world and even during this 21th century his love and compassion is unchangeable. At Temple of Christ Visit, super natural power of God has been working towards delivering the Hearts filled with agony, Eyes filled with tears, Souls filled with depression, and Bodies filled with diseases, Thoughts filled with humanity, Deeds filled with the darkness. We cordially invite you to visit "Temple of Christ Visit" and experience the Super Natual Power of the Holy.


Highlights of Temple of Christ:
  • Spirit full Worship Every Sunday from 10AM to 12PM
  • Foundation Class for Children Every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM
  • Prayer group meeting in Presence of HOLY Every Wednesday from 11AM to 2PM
  • Fruitful Fasting Prayer Every Friday from 11AM to 3PM
  • Bro. Hosanna Birth Day Celebrations every year from August 7th to August 9th


Route Map: